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2,5 hour tour of the most dramatic Royal Love Story and its remnants in Vilnius.


During the Middle Ages and Renaissance period in Lithuania, hunting served as a means to increase one’s prestige, particularly for rulers and nobles. It was a way for them to display their fighting skills, courage and endurance, whilst for the elderly, it was a way to exhibit their youthfulness and leadership skills.


When the Grand Duke Sigismund II Augustus ruled over Lithuania in the 1600s, hunting became one of the most popular activities for a ruler to partake in. Incredibly, Sigismund Augustus once hunted continuously for more than half a year.


The hunting farm belonging to the Lithuanian noble family, Radziwiłł, was particularly well-known within Europe, even surpassing other hunting farms associated with monarchs at the time. The future Queen Barbara Radziwiłł grew up to be an excellent shooter. She rode extremely well and adored hunting. Barbara even had special hunting guns and saddles produced in order to match her height and needs.


Sigismund Augustus’s mother, Queen Bona, was a keen hunter. She was particularly fond of hunting with falcons. Rumors suggest that she even used to keep her prized falcon in her bedroom.


Countess Barbara was a young widow who lost her husband when she was just twenty years old. When she met the future King, Sigismund, she immediately felt a feeling that she had never experienced before.


As time passed, Sigismund married Barbara before engaging in a difficult struggle with the entire Lithuanian and Polish high society to crown his beloved Barbara. He eventually succeeded. The couple lived in Vilnius before moving to Krakow, Poland. Their greatest desire was to travel to different hunting residences in order to be away from the capitals and courts.



Royal Vilnius Love Story Romantic Tour I 2.5 hours + Romantic Dinner

  • Start of the tour: Cathedral Square | Šventaragio g. 2, to the bronze historical model of the Lower Castle.


    At the end of the tour the guide will accompany you to restaurant ‘LOKYS’, where the chef will served you Vilnius Royal Hunt Dinner, which is is an intimate experience full of flavour and ambience, creating a romantic setting for Vilnius’ Love Story.



    Royal Hunt Snack Set /

    • Four types of assorted meats, four types of cheese from Lithuanian farms, fermented vegetables, mushrooms and dried bread.
    • Boiled crayfish with herbs.

    Hot Dishes /

    • The main catch from Sigismund Augustus’s hunt – venison, served with roasted porcini boletus, baked apples, baby potatoes and mint relish
    • Duck leg confit with Queen Barbara’s favourite orange jam, served with spinach-flavoured mashed potatoes.

    Dessert /

    • Apple cheese and ricotta with quince and candied peel.


    Minimum number of guests – 2
    Maximum number of guests – 20


    Languages: Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


    Price for 2 persons – €195.

    Offer price increases in cease of increase of quests quantity.


    *Once you have purchased your experience, please contact us at in order to book a specific date and time.


    *If you are unsure about availability options or would like further information about specific booking options, please contact us directly before purchasing the experience! We will address any of your specific requirements.


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