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In Lithuanian historical consciousness, the Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania, Barbara Radziwiłł (1522-1551), is one the most well-known Lithuanian women of all time. What was she like personally? What were her hobbies and what did she enjoy doing in daily life?


Barbora was full of joy and widely known for her emotional character. She adored hunting, dancing, music, jewellery and bathing. Her interest in bathing has long remained in the historical consciousness of the people living in and around Vilnius. As early as the 19th century, the royal manor was known by many as Barbara’s Bath (Łaźnia Barbary).


Queen Barbara used a wide range of beauty treatments to pamper her body and hair with herbal decoctions, infusions and leaves from boiled medicinal plants. The Queen’s bathing session ended with a gentle body massage.


A charismatic and glowing figure, the future Queen was known for her beautiful shiny hair and radiant skin.

Queen Barbara’s Pearls I 2 hours I ‘BOKŠTO SPA’

  • The Queen Barbara’s Pearls procedure is based upon a composition of different beauty products used by the Queen for an experience of royal relaxation, body care and romance for the heart.


    • Radiant pearl and glowing full body scrub,
    • Relaxing back massage with herbal bundles soaked in oil
    • A brightening and shimmering facial procedure combined with herbal bundles.


    The herbal bundles consist of:

    • Ginger – microcirculation
    • Lavender – relaxation
    • Coriander – reduces swelling
    • Fennel – soothes skin
    • Salt – anti-inflammatory


    The back massage is provided with an oil that helps to restore the overall balance which strengthens its properties when heated. Muscle tension, inflammation and pain are relieved. The synergy from wild peppermint with cajeput has analgesic and anti-rheumatic properties.


    A facial massage is provided with products based on cotton. It softens, moisturizes and does not allergize the skin, resulting in a youthful and brightening effect.


    Ritual price – €180 / 2 hours.


    *Once you have purchased your experience, please contact us at in order to book a specific date and time.


    *If you are unsure about availability options or would like further information about specific booking options, please contact us directly before purchasing the experience! We will address any of your specific requirements.

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