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In Lithuanian historical consciousness, the Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania, Barbara Radziwiłł (1522-1551), is one the most well-known Lithuanian women of all time. What was she like personally? What were her hobbies and what did she enjoy doing in daily life?


Barbara was full of joy and widely known for her emotional character. She adored hunting, dancing, music, jewellery and bathing. Her interest in bathing has long remained in the historical consciousness of the people living in and around Vilnius. As early as the 19th century, the royal manor was known by many as Barbara’s Bath (Łaźnia Barbary).


She used to take long and frequent baths in a tub of heated water. Her skin smelled of fragrant essential oils and her soft and supple hands were a source of admiration.


King Sigismund II Augustus was also very impressed by Barbara’s interest in different cleanliness rituals.


The Queen Mother, Bona Sforza, noticed that her son had picked up the habit of washing regularly from his beloved wife, falling in love with perfume and bathing.


Secret Love – a Ritual for Couples I 2 hours I ‘BOKŠTO SPA’

  • The Secret Love Ritual is for those who are in love and wish to strengthen their love. For couples who like to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, experiencing the many subtle nuances.


    During the ritual, an intimate atmosphere will surround the couples with aromas of sweet orange and cardamom. The choice of contrasting aromas is meant to further integrate the nature of the couple into a seamless world.


    Warmth for two and warmth between two – a wonderful levitation – and only two inches above the everyday.



    The sweet aroma of orange and cardamom will follow the couple throughout the ritual.

    • Warm aromatic bath with sea salt and oranges
    • Body scrub with green clay,
    • Full body massage with hot candle. For women, a sweet orange aroma, and for men, a cardamom scent. The ritual culminates with a head massage using warm jojoba oil and aromatherapy.


    Ritual price – €280 / 2 hours.


    *Once you have purchased your experience, please contact us at in order to book a specific date and time.


    *If you are unsure about availability options or would like further information about specific booking options, please contact us directly before purchasing the experience! We will address any of your specific requirements.

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