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Queen Bona Sforza – a woman who brought new flavors and dining etiquette to Lithuania. She was the one to teach locals table manners and make them choose mead or wine instead of beer. The fruits and vegetables brought by her to Lithuania were exotic even to Barbara Radziwił.

Coctail BONA SOUR I Nick & Nora

  • The special Bona Sour blends her beloved pears and blackcurrant flavors and delivers a cocktails that brings out Lithuanian taste and history.


    BONA SOUR A refreshing pear and blackcurrant sour, reminiscent of August and Barbora’s love story and Queen Bona Sforza’s times.


    *Once you have purchased your experience, please contact us at in order to book a specific date and time.


    *If you are unsure about availability options or would like further information about specific booking options, please contact us directly before purchasing the experience! We will address any of your specific requirements.


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